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Network topologies ( Bus, Star, Ring, Mess, Tree, Hybrid Topologies )


Network topologies such as bus topology, star topology, ring topology, mesh, tree and hybrid topologies are the layout or structure of a network, that how those computer are connected in a network.

There are two structural ways, how computers are connected in a network

1. Physical

2. Logical

In physical the computers are connected with physically wires following a pattern

In logical connection it doesn’t matter how a compute is connected physically in a network, but the data moves in a certain structure or manner.

There are Various Topologies

Bus Topology

In bus topology, All the computers are connected with a central bus and the data flow in a single direction.

It is easy to create , it’s cheap and you can easily connect other computers with the main bus But if main bus fails then the whole network will go down.

Ring Topology

In ring topology all the computer are connected with each other one after one forming a circular or ring pattern.

The data is unidirectional, but when the data flows bidirectional then ring topology is known as dual ring topology ! It increases it’s efficiency.

But in ring topology if a node fails then the whole network will be affected.

Star Topology

In star topology, there is a central hub and all the computers are connected to it.

There is dedicated connection for each computer. You can upgrade the hub easily but the speed of the network is dependent on the hub and if hub fails then the whole network will fail.

Mess Topology

In mess topology all the computers are connected with each other ! and there are n(n-2)/2 channels to connect to n devices.

It is secure, robust and it’s logical ! The best example of this topology is Utorent or p2p connections.

Tree Topology

In tree topology there are bus and star topology are connected together and it has advance of those two topologies. It is used in wide are networks . But it is costly and wiring is tough !

Hybrid Topology

In hybrid topology there are more than one topology used to connect computers in a network. The main combination is star bus and ring topology.

There in this topology it is very easy to detect and remove faulty part in a network as MSAU us used to bypass faulty unit.

And sure it is not cost friendly and complex.

These are the network topologies. If you have any suggestions or more simplified understanding then comment :)

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